The Black Book of Identity Access Mgmt
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    First the earth cooled, and the next thing I know, I was stuck onsite installing crap in a customer's lab.

    I've been in the software racket since 1983, and in identity/security since 1997. I've had a nice string of successful startups, with only one stinker, and boy was it a stinker. A couple turned out HUGE. Too bad that the price of success is, they sell the place, give you some cash, then tell you to get out.

    In the last umpteen years, I've shown customers how to populate and secure their infrastructures, how to ensure that the people who try to log in are exactly who they say they are, and how to guarantee that users have ONLY the proper access and nothing more. I also spent twelve years managing other bozos who do the same thing.

    As part of my innovative approach to security, I once designed an access management scheme that, upon detecting a rogue user, would send my wife's relatives over to his house to bore the hell out of him until he knocked off the crap.

    When I'm not on planes, in airports, or puttering around in conference rooms or labs, I'm playing guitars with one kid, doing crosswords with the other, chasing the old lady around the house, or staring at the wall, wondering where I went wrong. I mean, I'm in software. Cripes.